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Steady racing in Kolmårdsdubbeln

10 april 2012

The 10o-camp in Norrköping was concluded by participating in two events in Kormården, where some will remember 10o-mila took place back in 2004, when the youth team took a 3rd place. We returned to try to get even more self-confidence in a middle distance event on Sunday, and a relay on Monday

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The middle distance took the runners first through a rather open area with good runnability and clear contours, before the second half of the courses took place in a more difficult and technical area, which knocked many out of their rythm. Best among our runners was probably Anders Vister, placing 7th in H20E, and Karoline and Agata, placing 8th and 9th in D16 and D18E respectively .

After a good night’s sleep, we set out for the starting line of the relay, with two mens’ teams and two women’s teams.

In the women’s relay, the first team was thwarted by a malfunctioning punch unit on the last control, so the team was disqualified. However, they did continue through the relay. The second team avoided such misfortunes, and finished in 66th position after steady races from everyone. This would turn out to be a common thing on the day – many were tired after 5 days of training.

The men’s relay also saw safe and sound relay racing from all the participants. Many complained about tired legs, but there were very few mistakes made, which bodes well for the real deal in four weeks’ time. Torben probably had the race of the day, with an 8th position on the 3rd leg. In the end, the first team finished in 20th position and the second team in 41st position.

After the relay, the camp was concluded, and hopefully everyone got some self-confidence for the 10o-mila relay, and know a lot more about what they can expect to face there.

Results Kolmårdsdubbeln (middle distance)

Results Kolmårdskaveln (relay)


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