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13-16 og 11-12 lagene til KM-stafett

28 august 2013

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Raumar Orientering 1 H 13-16
1 Anders Haga 88630
2 Mads Aanes Haugen 151224
3 Amund Hoel 135330

Raumar Orientering 1 D 13-16
1 Tiril Ruud Bråten 412490
2 Emilie Johanne Hagen 174765
3 Synne Eide Rapp 187318

Raumar Orientering 1 H 11-12
1 Håkon Kristiansen Framnes
2 Øistein Fagerli Næss 153629

Raumar Orientering 1 D 11-12
1 Hanne Eide Rapp 153567


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