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Stafettuttak Svartnatta

1 april 2012

Her følger uttaket til Svartnatta under 10Mila samling i Sverige.

Stafett Uttak Jenter Svartnatta:
1. Line Maria & Natalia
2. Marie & Agata
3. Vilde & Anne

Stafett Uttak Gutter Svartnatta:
1. Eirik R & Eirik KH
2. Anders & Torben

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. Trygve & Øyvind
4. Rafal & Simen
5. Alexander & Sondre
6. Witold & (Harald)

The positions are not chosen due to HOW GOOD you are . THey are chosen due to possible tasks in 10Mila. This is a relay were we want to fokus on our night orienteering skills and the man vs. man / women vs. women fight. This is for experience and checking out possible positions.


Hilsen UK (Aslak, Ståle & Torben)


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